Millennium Products
The HomeFill products are provided via our partnership with Invacare. We at Millennium, will handle all of the limited service and maintenance your HomeFill equipment requires.

Below are some of the HomeFill products we offer...

Oxygen Concentrator
The Invacare HomeFill Oxygen System defines ambulatory oxygen by allowing patients to fill their own high-pressure cylinders from a concentrator. The ability to fill their own cylinders gives ambulatory oxygen patients greater independence and freedom. Home care providers will also benefit from the virtual elimination of time-consuming and costly service calls associated with cylinder and/or liquid oxygen deliveries.

  • IOH200 HomeFill Oxygen Compressor
  • IRC5PO2 PerfectO2 Oxygen Concentrator with Oxygen Sensor
  • 2 - HF2POST9 Oxygen Cylinders with one carrying bag
  • IOH270 Ready Rack
  • IOC100P 3.5:1 Pneumatic Oxygen Conserver

Oxygen Compressor
The HomeFill is a multi-stage pump that simply and safely compresses oxygen from any Invacare HomeFill compatible 5-liter or 10-liter concentrator into oxygen cylinders in sizes M2, ML4, ML6, M6, M9(C) and D.
  • Connection and controls are designed for easy operation
  • Patient can fill cylinders while receiving oxygen from the concentrator
  • Gives ambulatory patients greater freedom and independence
  • Virtually eliminates the high service costs of frequent deliveries of cylinders and-or liquid oxygen
  • Small and light-weight

Cylinders - M Series
The variety of HomeFill cylinders allows you the freedom to select the cylinder that is just right for you. Whether itís a day trip or short walks, your activities are now made easier with HomeFill.

  • Variety of cylinders for all your activities
  • Easy to fill and use
  • Cylinders can be carried in either vertical or horizontal orientations